Endorsing Local Candidates and Deciding on Local Ballot Initiatives

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Although most eyes and ears have been turned to Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump this election season, there are multiple local elections and ballot measures that deserve attention as well. Incumbent candidate Michael Bennet (D) is running against Republican Darryl Glenn in the race for the United States Senate. The Bear Truth endorses Glenn for Senate because Washington is broken, and the only way to help repair it is to introduce new, reform-minded candidates who want to make change. Additionally, Darryl Glenn has a newfound energy that will reignite the US Senate. For the United States House of Representatives District 5, the Bear Truth endorses Republican candidate Doug Lamborn because he continues to advocate for increased military funding and advocates for Veterans and reforming the Veterans Administration. For Colorado State House District 19, we endorse republican Paul Lundeen because he plans to reform the education system and supports student internet privacy protections.

Other Ballot Initiatives

Amendment 69- NO- A state healthcare system will increase taxes too much.

Amendment 70- NO- We do not support increasing the minimum wage, as we feel this hurts economy more.

Amendment 71- Yes- We support limiting the number of initiatives on the ballot to maintain continuity in the state Constitution.

Amendment 72-Yes- We support increasing the tobacco tax to limit tobacco consumption.

Amendment T- No- We believe that giving prisoners opportunities to work is beneficial for their rehabilitation.

Amendment U- NO- we do not feel this change needs to be made.

Proposition 106-No- We do not support assisted suicide and feel it is immoral.

Proposition 107-Yes- We feel that using a primary system instead of a caucus system will increase political participation in the Presidential nomination process.

Proposition 108-No- Although we support open primaries, we do not support granting political parties the ability to use closed conventions or assemblies in lieu of primary elections for local and state positions.

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  1. Mister Dapper on October 19th, 2016 10:25 am

    Congratulations on your endorsements! While I do not agree with all your choices, it appears well thought out. You have every right, and some would say an obligation to pursue this as a journalistic board.

    Do not worry about closed minded people that disagree with you.

    Great job!


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Endorsing Local Candidates and Deciding on Local Ballot Initiatives