When a newspaper makes the news

Evan Ochsner, Co-Editor-In-Chief

All photos by Starr Samkus

In front of a crowd of roughly 1500 people, CSMA Executive Director Jack Kennedy presents co-editors-in-chief Anna Schnelbach and Evan Ochsner, and adviser Tom Patrick with a replica of the Vietnam peace armbands made famous by the Tinker v. Des Moines supreme court case. The armband was signed by Mary Beth Tinker.

When The Bear Truth editorial board made the decision to endorse Hillary Clinton for president, it knew it would get people talking. However, it didn’t expect to make national news, after originally publishing the endorsement in the October 12 issue.

Soon after the endorsement was published, it became a hot topic on two local parent Facebook pages. The Bear Truth’s website was overwhelmed with comments about the editorial, as website traffic increased 2000 percent. Administrators and school board members received numerous emails regarding the editorial.

The Colorado Springs Gazette was the first to break the story, when it published an article about the editorial and the stir it caused. The Gazette article appeared on their website on October 18, and ran on the front page of their October 19 issue.

Later on the 19th, The Denver Post picked up the story before papers across the country ran an AP version of the story. KRDO featured The Bear Truth on their evening news that day, as did KOAA, and Colorado Public Radio.

On Thursday, The Bear Truth attended Journalism Day at CSU, an annual convention put on by the Colorado Student Media Association (CSMA). During the opening ceremonies, adviser Tom Patrick and co-editors-in-chief Evan Ochsner and Anna Schnelbach were called up to the stage, where CSMA executive director Jack Kennedy presented them with a black, peace armband signed by Mary Beth Tinker of Tinker v. Des Moines fame. The armband is an icon of free speech, and was presented to The Bear Truth as a special recognition from CSMA.

That evening, co-editor-in-chief Evan Ochsner addressed the D-38 School Board on behalf of the editorial board during public comments. Watch his comments below:

Video by Jonathan Olds

The week-long saga ended when The Denver Post published an editorial in support of The Bear Truth and the rights of student journalists in their October 21 issue. The Post has proved to be a much appreciated ally of The Bear Truth throughout the experience.


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When a newspaper makes the news