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Suicide Squad and Lights Out Review

Starr Samkus, Online EIC and Trending Editor

My dear Bears, it’s been two months since I last reviewed anything for you so buckle up because this page is going to be pretty jam-packed. And howdy to all the new cubs out there!

We’re going to start off with a double feature review. Two weeks ago, I went to Pueblo to see Suicide Squad and Lights Out.

Why did I go all the way to Pueblo just for two movies? Because Pueblo is home to the one and only Mesa Drive-In. Guys, if you haven’t been to a drive-in then you have not fully lived. It’s truly a one-of-a-kind experience. Sure, regular movie theatres are neat, with their stiff-backed chairs and crowded aisles and lingering stale popcorn smell, but drive-ins are where it’s at. First of all, you get your money’s worth. It’s $8.50 for two movies. You get to park wherever you want, control the volume, bring however much food you want, and lounge however you please. You could bring sleeping bags, lawn chairs, or a hammock. The possibilities are endless. And you can look up at any moment to see a clear night sky. If that’s not a bargain for $8.50, then I don’t know what is.

Alright, on to the movies.  I can’t remember the last time I was as stoked for a movie as I was for Suicide Squad.

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For those of you who didn’t catch any of the Squad hype over the summer, the film revolves around a group of Gotham villains who are forced to band together so they can stop a force of evil that’s worse than themselves. With a twist on your traditional superhero alliance, some big names like Will Smith and Viola Davis, and hardcore characters like Harley Quinn and the Joker, this film showed a lot of promise and potential. It had me hooked from the first trailer, and it kept me hooked even after the majority of critics trashed it. So now for the moment of truth: was it as amazing as I’d anticipated it to be? Yes and no. I loved the actors and the sets and the special effects; the slow motion cutting off of alien heads was worthy of applause. But the plot just ended up being like every other superhero film out there. For as much hype as the movie got, I expected a little more. I’m not saying it’s a garbage film. I’d definitely watch it again and probably will.  I’m just saying that the critics weren’t as wrong as I thought they’d be.

Moving on to Lights Out.

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First thing’s first, I am the biggest pansy on the face of the planet, so if I say this movie was spooky as frick and you totally disagree, just keep in mind that I couldn’t watch a Tim  Burton film without getting nightmares until eighth grade. Now where to start? Oh yeah, this movie is spooky as frick.  It’s all about the relationship between a woman named Sophie (Maria Bello) and the ghost of a girl named Diana (Alicia Vela-Bailey) who hates any and every source of light. Well Sophie has two kids and Diana feels like the kids are taking Sophie’s attention away from her, so the ghost basically tries to kill everyone. What? A killing spree in a horror movie? You don’t say. Yeah I know it sounds pretty basic, but I think the directors did a good job of making it different from other scary paranormal thrillers. They throw in something at the end that left my jaw on the floor and my friends asking if I was okay. With an unstable mother, a demon who just wants to be friends, suspicious murders, and lots of candles, Lights Out might just make you dig out your old nightlight before you go to bed.

If I say anymore, I’ll spoil the movies for you so you just have to go see them for yourselves. I recommend seeing each film at least once; they are worth watching. And I highly recommend spending a night at the Drive-In. Go on a date, hang out with your squad, or take your family there. Whatever you do, I promise it’ll be a night well spent. Until next month, my darling Bears. Stay rad.

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