Starlight Express: Roller Skating Bears, Oh My!

Rio Lane, Co Editor


This fall Palmer Ridge is putting on another spectacular play, this year it’s the musical “Starlight Express”. This musical follows the storyline of a nine year old boy’s dream of his toy trains coming to life to compete, steam against electric against diesel, in a fantastic race across America. The engines travel across France, Italy, Russia, Great Britain, Germany, Japan, and the U.S.A. In the end, the underdog Rusty, a small steam engine with a heart of gold, wins the race. Rusty and Pearl are the male and female leads as well as Greaseball who is the supporting male lead. This play differs from any other musical Palmer Ridge has put on because this play has a special aspect to it that makes it unique; all the actors will be on roller-skates. Since we have so many talented students here at Palmer Ridge getting the lead role in the play is very competitive.


Leanne Rubenstein (senior) was titled with the lead role of Pearl and she couldn’t be happier. She tells us that the reason she auditioned is because of her intense love of singing and dancing and that the skating challenge only excites her more. She recalls that at the beginning of the process she was a bit skeptical about how they were going to pull this play off with all of the tight deadlines and fast approaching opening dates but the drama clubs theme for this year is “no fear, no boundaries. Take risks.” So the confidence of the drama club reassured her. The whole cast has taken many trips to the monument and memorial park state parks and spent endless hours with skate instructors. Mr. Belk loves to remind the drama club that “you cant truly succeed if there was no possibility of failure.” Leanne took this advice with reckless abandon and pursued her dream and got the role of a lifetime.

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Starlight Express: Roller Skating Bears, Oh My!