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By Joy Kitts, Business Manager

Photo by Joy Kitts
Lexi Hansen listening to music while working on homework.

Do you listen to the same music everyday and feel stuck in a music rut? Then following the link below will help you discover something new. It has almost every different type and style of music that ranges from weird to pretty good to out of this world. For example, Chaotic Hardcore is like an odd mix of metal, scream o, and rock and roll and is one that was interesting to listen to. It’s a great way to find new music to listen to if you think that there’s no good music left in the world and you’ve listened to it all. Even Lexi Hansen (11), who says she knows every song and type of song out there says, “I’ve never even heard of some of the things that were on there.” Most times when you’re on the website, you can find something new to listen to. It also has a music note next to each genre you listened to which is helpful for keeping track of what you’ve already heard, to avoid re-hearing something you don’t like. If you click on the double arrows next to the genre name, then it will tell you what song and artist the sample is from. Another interesting thing to note is that its color coded based upon what genre it’s related to. Also, at the very bottom of the seemingly never ending music cloud are a handful of links to learn more about each genre. So if you’re into music and learning more about it, then this is a great site to visit and expand your musical knowledge. It’s also a great place to check out if you want something new and refreshing to listen to and memorize.

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