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Hacks to Your Household Part 2

By Joy Kitts, Business Manager

Are you ready for some more household hacks?

The first hack for today is to find a rake with sharp prongs at the end of it. Then grab a handful of marshmallows and stick them on the end. It’s very handy if you enjoy eating lots of s’mores or if you don’t have enough roasting sticks for everyone. Just be careful to not swing that rake around as a weapon.

Are you painting a room and feeling lazy? Try lining one of those paint tray with aluminum foil then fill it with paint. Once your done painting, then throw away the aluminum foil, keeping the tray. It saves time and money which is a win-win situation.

If you accidentally shrink your favorite article or clothing, then placing it in a bowl with ice water and 1 cup of any hair conditioner. Leave it in the bowl however long you think is necessary until it seems back to normal size. Then take it out and let it dry (unless you want your shirt to smell like conditioner).

Does your shirt, dress, or sweater always seem to fall off the hanger? Then wrapping a rubber bad or two around the edge of the hanger will help keep your shirt, sweater, or dress from falling off and getting all dirty. Or you could just buy hangers with grips at the end. However, using rubber bands is cheaper and more environmental friendly.

The final hack is useful if you ever get your zipper stuck. Take a pencil of any kind and rub the teeth of the zipper with the graphite in the pencil. Ta-dah! Your zipper is free and zippable.

Some more will be coming soon, so be on the lookout for more household hacks to keep your household in check.

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