The Bear Truth

State Volleyball

By Emmajane Rankin, Athletics Co-Editor

This year the bears (that’s us) made state for many different sports. One of these sports was volleyball, which (if I’m brutally honest) has never exactly been our strongest sport. This isn’t necessarily and/or entirely our program’s fault. It has a lot to do with our placement in Colorado. Our rival school has won numerous state championships in volleyball and the club that is affiliated with many of our players lies just next to Monument Lake. But I digress; no matter what the previous situation has been with our volleyball program, this year we made it to state. Led by head coach Jessen Miller, our Lady Bears (that’s such a dumb thing to call them but it fits so here we are) headed to the state tournament with high hopes for a victory… which they technically did win some of them but the ultimate W never reached our volleyball teams’ hands.

Finishing with one win and one loss, the volleyball program’s first (and hopefully not last) taste of state came to an end. Olivia Parsley (10) gave some insightful comments as to what the state tournament meant as a learning experience for the team. “I think we could have improved on our talking and like our communication with each other… and maybe like our togetherness? Like with setter – hitter connection and putting the ball down.” When asked if she believed that LP deserved to win (which they in fact did) she answered honestly, “It hurts  me to say this but yes I do. I think they worked their butts off this season and they worked hard and their hard work paid off so yes, I think they deserved it.” All in all, heading to state was a valiant effort on our volleyball team’s part and they should be proud that they made it to state in the first place. Here’s hope to getting first next year!

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