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Wattpad vs. Quotev- which one is better?

By Joy Kitts, Business Manager

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How many of you have heard of Wattpad or Quotev? For those of you who have no idea what I’m talking about, Wattpad and Quotev are basically the same thing. They both allow you to write your heart out. It could be a diary, a poem, fanfiction, or a story. I’ll be comparing and contrasting them figure out which one is better for writing.

I’ll start off with the more well known Wattpad. Right off the bat, it requires you to sign up if you want to access its digital library of books or if you want to write some of your own. Luckily, its free; however, there are a few ads scattered in the app which can be easily ignored. The first thing you see after signing up is a feed with recommended stories and profiles. In the app, the bottom of the screen is the menu with an icon at the top used to invite real life friends or Facebook friends to Wattpad. Also at the top is a search bar. The menu is easy to navigate and see which stories you are reading and which you are writing. Its simple to figure out where everything is without getting confused. When searching for stories, some different genres pop up like teen fiction and romance. The filter uses hashtags to refine your search. The site has a nice and clean look which is good to see since you’ll be spending so much time on it. considering that Wattpad doesn’t have a cover maker within its site, the covers to the books also appear professional and stylish. However, it does have another app that allows you to create a cover. Many of the stories on Wattpad don’t have a description or synopsis of the book, so to find out what it’s about you have to actually click on the book and read it. Getting to the next page can be confusing if you are using a tablet or phone to access Wattpad. However, with a bit of time moving your finger in all directions, it reveals how to get to the next page. Most of the stories are well written with very few grammatical or spelling errors. Overall, it’s a good place to visit if you want a book that feels and looks professional made by an everyday guy or gal.

Quotev on the other hand has a similar premise with a few extra options. It still allows you to read and write stories along with letting you take quizzes and surveys. You don’t have to sign up to read the stories or take the quizzes on it, but if you wanted to write them then you have to sign up. Signing up also gives you the ability to add stories to your library, keep you posted on when the stories in your library get updated, and follow your favorite people on there. Like Wattpad, it is free to use and the navigation is easy. The first thing you see after signing up is a compilation of stories and quizzes. Some are newly made and others are popular. At the top is the search bar. There is also a filter just a bit below it with the option to search everything or just a single category. Some of the book covers are nice looking with a good portion of them just being a picture of a person or character with no title. There is also a nice feature to make your own cover picture as you write the story. It’s hard to use on a small mobile device but is nice to have if you want to use it. Several handfuls of the writers on there don’t have English as their native language, so there are a good portion of grammar and spelling errors. Also, most of the stories on Quotev have a similar plot and structure which means that it takes quite a lot of digging to find a unique story with interesting characters. Otherwise, it’s a pretty good site to read some books by some random person.

Between the two, the one that I personally think is better is Wattpad. The reason being is that it’s more well known and professional so it doesn’t have the same feeling as Quotev with its similar stories and quizzes hanging in the background. But, both are great for their own reasons. However, if you want your book to feel cleaner cut and bookstore ready, then Wattpad is the place to go. One person did have a Wattpad book published and put on a bookshelf. So, it is possible for that to happen to you too. If you are more into taking fun quizzes or reading some fanfics, then Quotev is the place for you. 

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