The Bear Truth

Shooting for a successful season

By Daivd Zark, Reporter


The boys basketball team is off to a great start with wins over Montrose, Canon City, Scott, Pueblo Centennial, Dumas, TCA, and Vista Peak Prep. The team is led primarily by a group of seniors who have been playing for at least four years.

The Bear Truth interviewed Kyle Cordova (12) and when we asked him about the strengths that the team would bring into the first game he said, “It would probably be our defense because our defense is pretty good this year and then we are hoping to put up points.” The BT also asked him what the team could work on before their first game and he added, “We could work on doing our out of bounds plays.”  The Bears are working hard to put the best possible season in front of them. With talented players such as Kyle Cordova (12), Zach Hester (12), and Cory McLellan (12) these athletes and other team members are sure to bring a strong season. The bears look strong and definitely have a chance at state. As Cordova said, the defense is our strength this year and as we all know, a good defense wins games. With our defense, putting some points on the score board will be easier for us then our competitors. With the team’s trust in each other growing, they will be getting stronger every game and every practice

When I asked him why he wanted to play for the school, Cordova said, “A lot of my friends play it, and it’s fun, and I think that we could do pretty well this year.”  Sko Bears. 

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